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What is Cloud Computing?


It is the virtualization of local computer hardware and services. It moves physical equipment from your office or workspace to an off-site location while maintaining the same functionality and services.

Why do I need Cloud Computing services for my company?


There are many reasons why companies are moving to the cloud. The three most common use cases are collaboration, accessibility, and disaster recovery.

It is our professional opinion and projection that 90% of hardware and services will move to the cloud over the next ten years. Technology is the backbone of every modern company. Choose cloud for your company now, and don’t get left behind.

Stop worrying about staffing the right internal IT department and erase the risks associated with managing your own IT staff. Make the smart choice and allow Next IT to manage every inch of your network, computers, and technology.

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What can I do with cloud services?


– Modern Email Communication
– Internal Office Chatting, Calling & Meetings
– File Hosting, Sharing & Live Collaboration
– Remote Office Work
– Fully Virtualized Servers, Domains & Policies
– Employee Analytics & Remote Monitoring
– Backups, Password Management & More

Who provides these cloud services?


Next IT Solutions harnesses the power of the greatest names in the industry. We are working with the likes of Microsoft, Solarwinds, and Nextiva, to name a few.

As an active partner with these best in class cloud computing companies, you can rest assured your business is utilizing the most advanced cloud features available on the market.

How can I use cloud services to better my business?


Deploying Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint, and Azure AD alone will catapult your business into the modern era. With inter-office collaboration in Microsoft applications like Word, Excel & Powerpoint, you will find your team more productive than ever.

Utilizing the power of the Solarwinds family, you will have instant access to things like password management, cloud backup, and network statistics.

Decide to go one step further and move your phones to the cloud with the power of Nextiva’s digital voice. With this, you can take office calls from your mobile device, use your business number to send and receive an SMS text message, and manage all features in a single online portal.


Get connected to the cloud. Don’t get left behind. Choose to move into the modern era and deploy Cloud Computer Service for your business today.



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Stop worrying about staffing the right internal IT department and allow Next IT to manage every inch of your network.
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