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Here at Next IT we repair a lot of computers. One of the most common hardware issues we encounter is HDD (hard disk drive) failure. So often do we run across this, I would say on average 5 times a week, that we stockpile drives to ensure we have them ready. The easy part is replacing drive and reinstalling OS and apps, etc to get computer working again. The hard part is data recovery from failing drives. This is why we think computer backups are so important.

Why Computer Backups are so Important

While we employ certain techniques that have the highest rate of success outside a clean room, we still often have HDD’s which we cant recover any data (or very little) due to a mechanical failure, which then requires a clean room. This is fine and all because at least the data is being recovered with near 100% recovery rate, but the problem lies in the typical cost to perform such a meticulous job; Could easily range from $800+ (typically around $1500) depending on the severity of the drive and amount of data being recovered.

We at Next IT believe computer backups should be performed daily and have always insisted people backup their data today, while their computer is still working, rather than tomorrow. It’s cheaper and less of a headache to setup a simple automatic backup than to have to shell out $1500 + at least a week of time recovering those family pics you don’t have copies of. We also recommend and use Crashplan, which is easy to setup and use. Crashplan can be used for free to automatically backup your computers documents on all local accounts to a connected backup drive, or for a small monthly cost, backup offsite to the cloud for extra insurance.

How to get Started with Computer Backups

If there are any questions about setting up or installing Crashplan or any other backup software, (ex. Time Machine), feel free to contact us or bring your computer in and we can setup everything for you.