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computer repair la habra


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Trust me we know how it is, you have been using the same operating system for 7 years and don’t want to have to worry about glitches in an upgrade or losing some of your favorite features. Well this article is going to talk specifically about Microsoft’s free upgrade to Windows 10. Keep in Mind that Next It Solutions & Computer Repair in La Habra California can help you with the transition. We have a guaranteed problem free upgrade.


Windows 7 is still the most used operating system in 2015 in fact Windows 7 is running on about 49.27% of all Desktops and Laptops at the time of this blog post being written.  The reason for this is that when windows 7 came out, very few problems actually arose from using this OS.  As the old adage says: “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it” but we here at Next IT Solutions & Computer Repair La Habra are going to create an adage of our own:  “If it ain’t the best, then upgrade”. (Do your computer repair La Habra always at Next IT solutions for the best upgrades every time.)


Windows 10 is now out and Microsoft is offering it at an almost unbeatable price (Free!), in fact the only way you can get a better deal is if an operating system would PAY YOU to use it! Now the question might be asked is: If Microsoft is offering a free upgrade then how much better could it really be then my beloved windows 7 computer? Well here are the top reasons I found that will make the jump from windows 7 to Windows 10 easier to swallow for you, and in fact even enjoyable.


PERFORMANCE:  Windows 10 offers a drastic performance upgrade from the standard windows 7 operating system.

  1. The boot up time is significantly faster so no more pulling out your hair waiting for your laptop to turn on.
  2. Microsoft has made general hardware and acceleration tweaks, helping you to navigate quicker and smoothly to do the things you do best on your PC.
  3. Power management has been improved, allowing you to surf the net mindlessly, on your laptop or desktop, for even longer periods of time!
  4. Gaming PC performance on windows 10 unlocks DirectX 12 and this will help you to get more performance from your existing hardware without even doing a upgrade, saving you valuable $$.

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computer repair la habra 

DESIGN: Users showed signs of shock and discomfort on the switch from windows 7 to windows 8. Windows 10 perfectly addresses the criticism received and brings a modern windows 7 feel with all the windows 8 features plus much more.

  1. The start button has returned! Hallelujah, very much needed and one of the biggest gripes of the windows 8 era. But not only has it returned but it has returned in style making your computer much easier to navigate through.
  2. Bold colors gives your laptop or desktop a more modern 21st century feel.
  3. Windows 10 gives an overall cleaner and more professional look shying away from the almost cartoonish look windows 8 gave your computer’s desktop.
  4. You have more freedom of creation when using your desktop because windows become more customizable with the translucent backgrounds.

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Start and Search Menu: Windows 10 blows the windows 7 start menu out of the water.

  1. Once you click on the windows 10 start menu you will notice and immediate difference from the bland/vanilla windows 7 style.
  2. The search box is now separate and allows you access to the windows store apps and web search, obviously trying to keep pace with the apple operating systems.
  3. Windows version of Siri is finally here in: CORTANA. Cortana is microsofts personal digital assistant. It monitors things in your email, calendar and search to help you keep up with appointments and other obligations.
  4. Cortana also allows you to set up appointments or make notes on your computer just by speaking it into life. It is far from being perfected and there are still some upgrades that could make it much better, but it’s a step in the right direction for your computer.


With all of these new features and many more I didn’t have time to cover it really makes sense in making the switch today. One thing to keep in mind is that there are always glitches that can be done in the upgrade process. This is why it is crucial to have a local IT company like Next IT Solutions & Computer Repair La Habra do the job for you.  We provide Data backup so that you don’t have to worry about losing your precious data in the process.  We also offer free diagnostics on any computer repair in La Habra, Anaheim, Whittier, La Mirada, Fullerton, Orange County, LA county. We now serve anywhere in the USA remotely.  Let Next IT Solutions & Computer Repair handle this job for you. That way you can rest easy and have your PC finished in lightning fast speed.


Need help making the switch? We can do computer repair, remote support anywhere in the United States. Our in store services will help you upgrade to windows 10 plus always free diagnostics are included!!



Visit we are a company that does computer repair in La Habra California and sells computers and IT services to the entire USA!

We are also a five star company on Yelp! Leave us a review and stop by anytime.

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