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What is Cyber Security?


It is the protection of private company data outside of your local network. Your computer might be safe, but what about your passwords, web portals, and emails? Cyber Security can protect these additional assets.

Why do I need Cyber Security services for my company?


2020 is the mark of a New Era in business.  Artificial Intelligence makes it easier for hackers to steal your entire business in minutes and delete everything you worked hard for.  Without the proper security protocols and defenses in place, you won’t have a viable company for this decade.  The great news is our staff training is built for the latest trends, and we can think like hackers.  With new ideas like MFA and Dark Web Scans, you will have the best defenses possible to protect your dream.

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What can I do with Cyber Security services?


Cyber Security isn’t just about stopping attacks when they happen, its about PREVENTION. Once an attack occurs, it’s often too late: Lawsuits, Fines, or Permanent Data Loss are all repercussions of not having Cyber Security measures in place. With Cyber Security services, you get peace of mind knowing our 24/7 monitoring software is protecting you even while you sleep.

Who provides these Cyber Security services?


As mentioned before, we use a suite of services scanned not only by our well-qualified technicians but by AI Robots constantly browsing the dark web for any security breaches of your network before you get hacked!

How can I use Cyber Security services to better my business?


– Train employees for Security Protocols and Government compliances (HIPPA Etc.)
– Dark Web Scanning allows you to see what information hackers know about your business
– Penetration Testing and Network Vulnerability tests
– Malware Removal and Ransomware Prevention Planning


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Stop worrying about staffing the right internal IT department and allow Next IT to manage every inch of your network.
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