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What is Strategic Consulting?


It is direct advice, planning, and management of your IT department. You will receive an instant vCIO (virtual chief information officer) who will stand by your side through the many challenges IT may present. The best part? You don’t have to pay the salary to hire an executive.

Why do I need Strategic Consulting services for my company?


Managed IT Support is an integral part of your companies operations. Making sure the network is running without fault day-to-day is imperative for peak employee performance.


While general support is necessary, what about the future? Who is going to help accomplish those long term goals? Partnering Next IT Solutions as your direct Strategic Consultant, rest assured that dreams, visions, and master plans will come to fruition with ease.

Stop worrying about staffing the right internal IT department and erase the risks associated with managing your own IT staff. Make the smart choice and allow Next IT to manage every inch of your network, computers, and technology.

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What can I do with Strategic Consulting services?


Simply put, pick our brains. We’re not one to boast; however, we consider ourselves to be a basket of knowledge regarding anything IT or technology related. You know the direction your business must move towards to succeed.

Often, the problem is being confident in the way technology will help you accomplish those goals. Choose Next IT Solutions as your direct partner, and rest assured we will guide you every step of the way.

Who provides these Strategic Consulting services?


We’re proud to offer these services entirely in house. If we decide a job or project requires a specialized outside vendor, you can feel confident we have the right fit for whatever goal or dream you are trying to achieve.

How can I use Strategic Consulting services to better my business?


The answer is in the question, to better your business.

No one on the face of this earth knows what’s best for your company better than you do. We understand each thought that comes and goes from a business owner’s mind. Restless sleep, passion, and drive to see the success of one’s company is at the heart of every good business owner or decision-maker.

Need to expand your wireless network? Let’s make that happen. Are you looking to track employee performance through analytics? Sure thing! Do you require the development of specific applications or databases? Okay, let Next IT Solutions resolve your dilemma.


Take your foot off the brake! Stop allowing the roadblocks of IT or technology to hinder you from propelling your business to the next level.



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Stop worrying about staffing the right internal IT department and allow Next IT to manage every inch of your network.
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