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Full Service

Many companies merely offer selected services and then outsource the rest. We proudly offer all services, doing each task in-house.

Loving Care

It’s cliché for a company to say they care about their customers. Not with us. Every person. Every time. See why our customer service is unparalleled.

Highest Quality

Instead of offering bargain deals on mediocre components, we deliver the highest quality parts in every repair and computer system sold.

Language Barrier

We don’t speak Akurio, the least spoken language in existence, but we do speak in a fashion that makes sense for the technically challenged.

Ultra Convenient

With a super knowledgeable team always read to help with rapid on-site services and remote support, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.

Super Sonic

Want to move at the speed of sound? Join our cause and you can! We are one of the fastest growing IT companies in Southern California.

Full Fledged
Managed IT Services

Real Customers. Real Reviews.

Melissa Vasquez

Quality Resources

Next IT is the #1 I.T. Company For Rapidly Growing Companies!”

Luis Zavala

Embassy Suites

“Next IT is nothing short of amazing. They can solve the unsolvable”

Michelle Morales

Expert Employment Matchmaker

“I am amazed with the speed and professionalism of Next IT Solutions”

Luis Perez

Mashney Law Offices

“Professional services through and through”

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Managed Services

Full-fledged help desk services.

On-Site Services

Receive the hands-on help you truly need.

Remote Services

Instantly connect. Two clicks and you’re done.

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